Unfair Warning

by Thoughtcrime

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released December 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Thoughtcrime Lancaster, California

Thoughtcrime is a raw, melodic punk band from the Antelope Valley, CA.

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Track Name: Grip
Under a light, wall against my feet. Portions of concrete and urethane deplete. Bruises and scars are like trophies for the pain. But I refused to leave since the day I came. Running like thieves but we own whats in our hands. To what degree will I face when I land?
Track Name: Buy, Buy
Manufactured in cookie-cutter form to sound alike. Taking you by storm. The standards low, let's see how far you stoup...like circus animals jumping through the hoop. Out of the blue, into the black. When will integrity find it's way back? They buy, you sell-it costs your soul. You obey when they say to roll. They sing their songs with lucrative words. It's such a sight to see them flock in herds.
Track Name: Tomorrow's Almost Over
Into the night on a directionless flight. Drunk off of youth and a goal out of sight. The blueprints we drew-abandoned or lost. Dying to live at whatever the cost. Never committed or knew what was sure. Ephemera fade into colorful blurs. Switch gears and run in reverse because tomorrow's almost over. The hourglass laughs, never letting you rest. Decaying the heart that beats in your chest. Another one dead as we scratch off a name...chasing old pipe dreams of fortune and fame.
Track Name: Post Meridian
You're all under new management and you can't even tell, you're so blind. We forged a new path and set bridges ablaze with the same agenda in mind. How much better are we now in the hands of new oppression? Past our prime. In a post meridian age...is it just a phase? The framework is built, now let's close the gaps before they pack up and leave. And when we're done, they'll all be trapped with barely enough room to breathe.